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Fun and sustainable activities in Oslo

In the European Green Capital, you can check out everything from bees to business.


Biodiversity Week

A whole week of activities where you can learn about the animals that live in the city, the forest, the sea and on the islands. You will also find out how to make bird and bat boxes and insect hotels, thereby making a meaningful contribution to the city’s biological diversity.

Biodiversity Week

Self-catering outdoor dinner

During the fall, take a trip to Losæter at Sørenga. Here, they grow many different varieties of cereals and vegetables. You pick the food yourself and prepare it – eating together with other visitors. Suitable for both families and groups of friends.


Oslo Recycling Festival: 20 October

Here you can exchange used items, repair things that deserve a new lease on life, and take in a vintage clothing show.

Oslo Recycling Festival

Kick off

Rent an electric cycle or kick bike. Kick bikes, which have become immensely popular, are available for rent by Voi. You rent and unlock them using an app on your cellphone. It costs NKr10 to start the rental period and you pay per minute. Once you’ve finished using the kick bike, park it wherever you want in the city center. If you would rather cycle in the “old-fashioned way,” you can rent a bike from Oslo Bysykkel, which also uses a cellphone app.

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